Individual Projects

Individual Projects are investments of strategic significance for the Programmed implementation, indicated through the usage of the Managing Authority, after the advice of the equipped Intermediate Body, in accordance to strategic standards permitted through the Programmed Monitoring Committee. Individual tasks are undertakings whose implementation is important and justified regarding the implementation of the approach of a given area or vicinity and which make a contribution to a giant extent to accomplishing goals of a priority axis a given projects is applied under.

Placing the venture on the list is solely a conditional assertion of its financing and is connected with guarantying cash for its implementation within the task budget. These projects will not be concern to content technique and will no longer observe for the cash under the content material procedure. The venture implementation will depend on fulfilling the selection criteria accepted via the Programmed Monitoring Committee, necessities concerning documentation and implementation readiness as properly as acceptance of the software for help with annexes required through the MA.

Steps in choosing an individual project.

1. Visit the Proposal Selection web page of the DoC Project Portal (not CATE) to discover conceivable undertaking areas and precise task proposals of interest.
2. Select (by pressing the terrific buttons) some quantity of initiatives (the extra the better) as being of workable interest. This action robotically notifies the supervisors of your interest.
3. Arrange a together convenient appointment with the possible supervisors to review their projects.
4. Have the supervisors point out in the database that they have viewed you. The supervisors will also indicate their activity in supervising you in the tasks (although you will not be able to see this).
5. Shortlist your 1st, 2nd and 3rd desire projects. Note that you ought to point out three preferences except your 1st desire task is your personal proposal. A supervisor may be extremely interested in having you do a unique project, and you might share that enthusiasm.

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