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7. Organizations are often challenged with what to protect and to what extent. Many companies are still having a difficult time in protecting their data in digital format

and defining what constitutes sensitive and non-confidential data, and how to share the data within the company and with the public.

Describe technology’s impact on data security and ethics in data analytics. Use APA-style references wherever necessary to support your discussion.

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A :

Technology has made it very easy for organizations to collect data. Online web sites can collect the data associated to users with the assist of cookies. Apps have a lot of records related to user's area and activities.

Users in modern times play a major position in granting information get entry to companies. As businesses are obliged through the legal guidelines to ask users for their permission regarding records storage. In addition to regular public it’s also company duty to take care of user’s data.

A lot of touchy statistics like username and password is stored in companies database which if leaked can create havoc. Companies want to make certain that user’s login details alongside with any personal data are saved very well. These records be encrypted and made sure that it’s hard to hack through hackers. (Kelleher, J. D., & Tierney, B. 2018).  This statistics need to also be saved away from companies’ employs.

Data Analytics is used in many specific ways by companies, to target customers, to make purchaser experiences better etc. A lot of organizations seem to be for patron particular facts to make their information analysis better. Companies must make sure that they don't sell their information to unworthy 1/3 celebration services which can harm their customers for e.g. the case of Cambridge Analytical concentrated on Facebook customers for U.S elections.

Companies need to tell customers what kind of statistics they are monitoring and what they will do with their data. In state-of-the-art world it’s very vital for organizations to supply customers and alternative to cease statistics tracking. In case of any alternate in privacy and facts collection policies businesses need to make sure that they inform their customers that they are changing the policies.

Companies have to also make positive that they ensure statistics safety even in those cases when authorities interfere and ask for particular users data.

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