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Discuss the following two questions and give example of each:

1- What is the major challenge that faces cloud computing today.

2- How can  redundant storage architecture technologies be improved to meet the demand and the expansion of cloud storage needs for redundancy and failover capabilities?

A :


Following Are the Challenges going through Cloud Computing:-

1. Low Security:-If The Cloud Computing utility is developed With Poor code then it motives a security problem. Because the cloud does now not agree on the protection on consumer end so the utility have to be impervious and it should guide high security. The cloud seller knows that where the data is definitely dwelling and the records is saved on the cloud it must be encrypted with some high-level security. Also how we can move our information from the cloud. We ought to recognize these answers

2. Quality Of Service Provided By Vendor-The Service Quality Provided by means of the supplier is another predominant difficulty because the service high-quality should be good. What kind of carrier they are supplying and if the provider if failed at any factor then which facility they are my information is secured. How can I get admission to my facts and the place it will live on cloud these are the some of questions than answers we must know?

3. Access:-The records is stored in the cloud when we need some statistics that time Quality of provider influences due to the fact if our web connection is slow then we can't get entry to the records saved in the cloud. And this also decreases the performance of the cloud and quality carrier furnished with the aid of the cloud vendor. (Leymann, F. 2011).

4. Transparency with the vendor:-Which Ever the services imparting the cloud vendor and the agreement should be partly because many carriers are saying that they supply correct pleasant service so at the time of settlement the terms and stipulations are matters.

5.Migrating the data: -When We are transferring the information from our nearby system to the cloud machine then that time many time cloud there is a loss of records to the cloud seller should advance a true method that offers with records migration.


When the facts are saved in the cloud then it is saved in the redundant architecture. So when we are getting access to the facts from cloud to our nearby computing device every now and then the storage devices fails to send the this time any other gadget have to change with that device and fulfill the customer's requirement. Then that time the redundant architecture is used to fulfill the requirement this is a redundant structure of cloud.

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