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GLBA and HIPAA regulations all require technical safeguards to protect or guarantee the veracity of critical information. GLBA protects personal financial information of an organization's customers. And HIPAA protects and guarantees the privacy of an individual's Personal Health Information (PHI). 

Discuss the relevance of both regulations.  I one more important than the other?  If yes, explain.

A :

 As HIPPA Stands for Health insurance portability And Accountability Act. While GLBA Stands for Gramm-filter - Bliley Act. Both Are Different method for Compliance like HIPPA Checks for Compliance Standard in Health Care Sector while GLBA Protects Financial Information and Protect Customer Rights like Right to security.

HIPPA: - HIPPA Sets the Standard for delicate patient information Protection and Privacy. What is the Relevance of this, A Company must be HIPPA Compliance on the off chance that it manages PHI (Protected Health Information) and it must pursue the Security estimates Related to organize, Physical and Process Security.

NEED of HIPPA (Relevance):- So in Recent Time HealthCare supplier and elements which manages PHI are moving to electronic Operation. That incorporate like Pharmacy, Lab System, Radiology, Electronic Health Record So This HIPPA Compliance is increasingly significant in light of the fact that it might confront (Conklin, W. A., White, G. B., Williams, D., Davis, R., & Cothren, C. 2016).  Some Security and Data ruptures Issues. So Security Rule ought to characterize in that manner it should utilize HIPPA Compliance and in the meantime can take the advantage of most recent innovation which can process data quicker and proficiently.

Physical and Technical Safeguard:-

1) Should have constrained office Access

2) Should have Restrictions for moving, arranging and reusing Electronic Media.

GLBA: - It is money related Modernization Act, so it is nothing to do with Health Care Sector. For a Financial Institution to be GLBA Compliant, it ought to impart the Customer like how they are going to share Customer Information They Should ask, regardless of whether Company Can share Customer data to Some other outsider or not, if Customer isn't happy to share his Personal and Private Information, it ought not be offer Company Should execute those arrangements for getting GLBA Compliant. (Kenney, K. D. 2018).

Need of GLBA: - Customer Private Information Must is verified for unapproved Access.

2) Customer ought to have the option to take Choice, regardless of whether he is eager to share one specific Information or not.

3) Any User Activity Should Be followed that can be accomplished by GLBA Compliance.

So HIPPA Is Basically identified with social insurance while GLBA is identified with account.

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