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Q2: Even with this great news about the benefits of the cloud computing applications, the authors have warned the business user community regarding the dangers associated with cloud computing applications.  Please identify and name these grave dangers/risks that pose as concerns, and briefly support your discussion.

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Cloud computing represents one of the most extensive paradigm shifts in statistics science IT history. It may have developed as an extension of sharing an application-hosting provider, which has been around for a half of century and used to be frequent in distinctly regulated vertical industries, such as banks and health care institutions. But cloud computing is a very extraordinary computing resource, utilising advances in IT architecture, machine software, multiplied hardware speeds, and lower storage costs. The impetus behind cloud computing is that it provides economies of scale with the aid of spreading fees throughout many patron corporations and pooling computing assets two whilst matching customer computing wishes to consumption in a flexible, real-time way.  This method has top notch potential, promising on-demand computing power, off-site backups, sturdy security, and “innovations we cannot yet imagine.

Benefits of the Cloud

The dangers and security vulnerabilities of cloud computing have been reviewed in this chapter so a great deal so that perhaps some readers wondering whether cloud computing definitely is well worth it. The reply is a certified two yes it can be, primarily based on your organization’s enterprise desires and computing useful resource capabilities. Besides the apparent benefit of getting your organisation out of the IT infrastructure commercial enterprise and again to focusing on its actual enterprise goals, there are many advantages to be gained from cloud computing solutions. Some of the precise advantages offered by way of cloud computing answer are listed next.

■ Cloud computing solutions furnish a capacity to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. As lengthy as users have an Internet browser and Internet connectivity, they can use any gadget to access an utility deployed in the cloud.

■ Your employees need to be in a position to get entry to company statistics by using a cell device. Some cloud options allow them to get admission to facts stored in a tightly closed location that only requires a smart telephone and a login. Some of these solutions can even make sure that the records is now not truly stored on the gadget itself. Entire applications, such as rate reporting, can be deployed this way and include cell capture technology as well.

■ Cloud computing solutions provide a mechanism to help collaboration with external business partners. You want to change data with an outdoor commercial enterprise partner in a manner that e-mail just will no longer support. For instance, you prefer to create one reproduction of the records that all of us on your crew or on a enterprise partner’s crew can get right of entry to and that displays any updates or adjustments on an on-going basis.

■ A cloud file storage answer affords a better alternative to far off information get right of entry to than having customers replica records to unsecured detachable media or ship an email to their non-public e mail account. Again, it prevents duplication of information; presents get admission to the most current model of information, and shops records in an environment that solely authenticated users can access.

■ Cloud computing options also can form a key section of your organization’s disaster recovery/business continuity strategy. If your statistics centre is rendered inoperable, customers nevertheless can get right of entry to applications and statistics hosted by cloud providers.

The enterprise advantages of cloud computing may also generally outweigh the safety threats for the sizeable majority of enterprises, so lengthy as they are anticipated and preventive moves described are taken 

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