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Watch or read one of the links provided below.  Give your interpretation and opinion of how important algorithms are regarding encryption and protection of data.

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Encryption Algorithms

Encryption calculations are regularly utilized in PC interchanges, including FTP moves. Normally they are utilized to give secure exchanges. On the off chance that a calculation is utilized in an exchange, the document is first converted into an apparently insignificant figure content and after that moved in this setup; the getting PC utilizes a key to make an interpretation of the figure into its unique structure.

Here are some commonly used algorithms:

DES/3DES or TripleDES

This is an encryption calculation called Data Encryption Standard that was first utilized by the U.S. Government in the late 70's. It is generally utilized in ATM machines (to encode PINs) and is used in UNIX secret word encryption. (Amor, D. 2002). Triple DES or 3DES has supplanted the more seasoned forms as a progressively secure technique for encryption, as it encodes information multiple times and uses an alternate key for in any event one of the renditions.


Blowfish is a symmetric square figure that is unpatented and allowed to utilize. It was created by Bruce Schneider and presented in 1993.


Propelled Encryption Standard or Rijndael; it utilizes the Rijndael square figure affirmed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). AES was begun by cryptographers Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen and supplanted DES as the U.S. Government encryption method in 2000.


Twofish is a square figure structured by Counterpane Labs. It was one of the five Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) finalists and is unpatented and open source.


This encryption calculation was utilized in Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Version 2 and is a discretionary calculation in OpenPGP. Thought highlights 64 piece hinders with a 128 piece key.


MD5 was created by Professor Ronald Riverst and was utilized to make computerized marks. It is a single direction hash work and expected for 32 piece machines. It supplanted the MD4 calculation.


SHA 1 is a hashing calculation like MD5, yet SHA 1 may supplant MD5 since it offers greater security


This is a hashing technique like MD5 and SHA 1, some of the time alluded to as HMAC MD5 and HMAC SHA1.

Importance of algorithms are regarding encryption

The main role of encryption is to secure the secrecy of advanced information put away on PC frameworks or transmitted through the web or some other PC arrange. Various associations and benchmarks bodies either prescribe or require delicate information to be encoded so as to avoid unapproved outsiders or danger entertainers from getting to the information. (Caloyannides, M. A. 2002).  For instance, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard expects dealers to scramble clients' installment card information when it is both put away very still and transmitted crosswise over open systems.

Present day encryption calculations additionally assume an essential job in the security affirmation of IT frameworks and correspondences as they can give classification, yet in addition the accompanying key components of security:

Validation: the birthplace of a message can be checked.

Respectability: confirmation that the substance of a message has not been changed since it was sent.

Nonrepudiation: the sender of a message can't deny sending the message.



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